There are plenty of residents in North Carolina who are proud dog owners. However, there are also plenty of residents who have suffered from the bite of a dog before, leaving them with trauma that can be hard to recover from. Today, we will look at some of the psychological impacts that a dog bite attack can have on a victim.

The first possible effect is that existing mental illnesses can be worsened. If the victim had no signs of mental illness before the attack, the symptoms can begin to show after, as well. For example, someone with anxiety might become more prone to panic attacks. Someone with depression may experience a depressive episode. Meanwhile, people who have never experienced either of these things can find themselves suddenly facing an increase in anxiety or a depressive episode of their own.

Some people also develop phobias. Experiencing a fear of dogs is not uncommon. In some cases, this fear can be so intense that a victim can’t even bear to be in the same room as a dog, even if they are small. Others can be triggered by hearing a dog’s bark or growl, experiencing symptoms that align with post traumatic stress disorder. In some extreme cases, a person can even become so afraid of dogs and paranoid about running into them that they become agoraphobic and refuse to leave their home.

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