When a spouse is unfaithful, divorce often follows closely behind. Even suspicions of infidelity can harm a marriage, so most couples want to get to the bottom of their doubts immediately. Psychology Today recommends looking out for the following signs, which often indicate a spouse is cheating.

Changes in appearance

While investing time in one’s appearance can be positive in a marriage, a sudden change might also signal issues with infidelity. For instance, a spouse may dress better, workout out more frequently, or focus more on grooming when affections lie elsewhere. These changes are especially concerning when your partner’s new grooming and dressing rituals are relegated to work or social obligations taking place outside of the home.

Mysterious expenses

An affair can be costly in many cases. For instance, unfaithful spouses often need to spend money on hotel rooms for their trysts, which can add up over time. They may also lavish the object of their affection with gifts and expensive meals. These expenses usually don’t go unnoticed by their partners, considering most marriages involve an intermingling of finances. Costs for the affair can be taken out of shared savings accounts or paid for via credit card, which leaves a record of unexplained expenses.

Intimacy problems

Both physical and emotional intimacy are affected by extramarital affairs. A spouse can be less sexual since their attraction is now focused on another person. Conversely, infidelity sometimes causes the cheating partner to become even more sexual with his or her spouse as an attempt to allay suspicion. Emotional intimacy may also be at odds. This can be expressed by a reluctance to show vulnerability, or the spouse may lash out at the partner or be overly critical.