A school bus went out of control in Charlotte, North Carolina, colliding with a car and then sailing off the road to plow into a building. There were children on the bus at the time, and they had just been picked up when the accident happened at 8:30 a.m. on Feb. 28.

The bus driver is a 35-year-old woman. She has been cited by the police after the crash.

Though the whole event was not caught on video, at least a portion of it was. Reports show that a red car was waiting at an intersection when the bus approached it. The video then makes it look like the bus hit the side of the car before going back out of view. It was not long after that alleged impact that it crashed into the building, scattering debris all over the place in the process.

A lot of people saw the crash and called the authorities, using the 911 emergency number. They rushed to the scene and took two of the kids to the hospital. Parents showed up to take the rest of the children home.

Part of one of those 911 calls made it into the news reports, with a person saying: “Police, a school bus just wrecked on Statesville. It’s a school bus. It’s full of kids.”

No parent wants to get the call saying that their child has been injured in a serious accident at school or on the bus, but it does happen. When facing high medical expenses and other costs, parents need to know what rights they have to financial compensation.