One of the biggest surgical mistakes a doctor can make is operating on the wrong site or the wrong patient. It does happen, though, in part because some surgical teams see multiple patients every day. One simply mistake with paperwork or confusion on the surgeon’s part can lead to a disaster that changes your life forever.

For instance, one man had injured his testicle years earlier and it had atrophied. Doctors decided the best option was to surgically remove it so that the constant pain it gave him would end. He went in to have the procedure done, and his surgeon made a mistake. The healthy testicle got removed accidentally, leaving the atrophied one in place.

If the man still wanted to have the injured one removed, he could do so, but there was no correcting this type of error. After both procedures, medical experts warned that he may need testosterone treatments for the rest of his life.

Instances like this lead to an incredible cost. First off, there is the stress and the emotional toll it takes on the patient. Then there is the cost of having two surgeries carried out instead of one. The patient may lose more wages due to the increased healing time. On top of that, the person’s life is forever altered by lower testosterone levels, and he may have the cost of those endless testosterone treatments.

This story shows how one small mistake can prove disastrous. It is very important for those who suffer from medical malpractice to know what legal options they have.

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