A man in North Carolina is facing DUI charges after he was involved in a car accident that took the life of a young child. At the man’s first court appearance; however, he claimed he was unsure why he had to go to court and had no memory of what had transpired.

The accident happened on Friday, June 22. According to reports, the man was approaching the intersection between Country Club Drive and Ramsey Street in Fayetteville. The light turned red, but the man did not stop. He went through the red light as the girl and her mother were also going through the intersection, slamming into their vehicle. Reports say that the girl passed away instantly.

The man is 34 years old. The girl was 10 years old when she passed away.

As of now, the man is facing charges for causing a death with a motor vehicle, which is a felony, and for a DWI. On top of that, he has been charged with running the red light. However, the district attorney did say that additional charges may still get added to the case. While the initial bond was just $30,000 at the time the man was booked, the district attorney opted to increase it to $250,000 during the man’s court appearance, when he said he did not remember the event.

Car accidents happen so quickly that even safe, responsible drivers often cannot avoid the mistakes of others. When this leads to serious injuries or even fatalities, it is important for those involved to understand all of their legal options.