Areas of Practice

At George Collins, P.A. our mission is to serve the Jacksonville area by helping our clients through some of the most trying and difficult times of their lives. We are proud to offer services in many different areas, and will be your representation during the times when you need it the most.

Our main areas of practice are:

Personal Injury

Whether your injury occurred in a car accident, as a result of a work accident, or on another person’s property, the results of these injuries can be devastating and have a huge effect on your life. If these injuries are due to the negligence or willful actions of another person, whether it be another driver, a doctor, or a business owner, George Collins, P.A. is here to help you to get full compensation for all expenses relating to your injury.

Family Law

Our attorneys are passionate about family. At our firm we handle the most important issues relating to family such as divorce, adoption, child support, alimony, juvenile delinquency and dependency, mediation, and others. We understand that family matters can sometimes be the most difficult. Our understanding and compassion will reach far and will help you through the most complex of situations.

Business Law

Starting a new business can be exciting but also intimidating. Our experienced attorneys are here to help you with all of the intricacies of business from negotiating contracts to organizing hiring and sales. We believe that a firm adherence to laws both on a national and local level is the key to success in starting a new business and our knowledge of these laws is extensive.

Civil Lawsuit

Unlike criminal law, civil lawsuit seeks to compensate the victim of a wrong rather than punish the perpetrator with a crime. At George Collins, P.A., we seek to resolve these difficulties through arbitration and mediation first before subjecting our clients to settlements in court which are costly and a drain on your time. We have successfully resolved may cases without resorting to a court case.

Criminal Law

If you have been accused of a crime, you may be faced with the prospect of fines, loss of reputation, and the loss of your freedom. We are here to stand up for your rights and defend you against these wrongful charges. We are experienced in handling many situations from motor vehicle charges and drug crimes to sexual offenses. We handle both felony and misdemeanor cases and will do our best to protect your freedom and reputation.

Estate Planning

We strongly believe that everyone should plan for the future. That is why our attorneys provide the best services in estate planning. In the event of your death, our services will protect your precious assets and ensure that your wishes regarding guardianship and dispersion of your property are followed. Whether you are young or collecting retirement, a plan for the future is crucial.

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