Going through a divorce can be a time for you that is difficult, confusing, and emotionally charged. Many times these conflicting emotions can cause those going through a divorce to make mistakes that negatively impact their families and finances. Here are the top mistakes that you should avoid when going through a divorce that will help protect the future of your family.

Not Considering Mediation

At George Collins we understand that divorces bring their own unique set of baggage. It may seem impossible to settle disagreements without the assistance of a judge. However, choosing mediation for all or even just some of the issues surrounding your divorce can not only save you a lot of money, but it can also protect your children and other family members from a long, painful, and humiliating public divorce. Mediation should be your first choice whenever possible.

Letting Vengeance Inform Your Decisions

Choosing to let vengeance for your spouse inform the decisions that you make during the divorce process can have serious effects on you and your family. The time wasted seeking to punish or exact revenge on your spouse will cost more financially, deplete the assets that you will gain during the process, and will be emotionally harmful for any children involved.

Not Putting the Well-Being of Your Children First

During the divorce, your children should be your first priority. However much you may dislike your spouse, they are likely still an important parental figure to the children involved. Although we know that every family is different, as a general rule, the children need both parents and it will cause much more harm than good to force them to take sides or deny them access to the other parent.

Not Being Involved in the Process

Because of the overwhelming nature of divorce, it may be tempting to withdraw yourself and let your divorce lawyer handle everything for you. Although your attorney is there to help you, not being an active participant in the process is a big mistake. The case is temporary, but the results will be permanent. Make sure you are always informed and taking control of your future.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Spending precious time, energy, and money fighting over small things is a mistake that many people make. These fights general revolve around unimportant items such as furniture that can easily be purchased with the money saved from not battling over these items.

Not Following Through on Post-Divorce Necessities

Many people forget that when the divorce is over, there are items of follow-through that are necessary in order to guarantee your future security. These considerations include changing your estate documents to reflect your new situation so that your estate does not automatically go to your ex-spouse in the event of your death. In addition, you should consider insurance on your divorce settlement in the case of the death of your ex-spouse to ensure that you still receive what was agreed upon. Finally, spend some time establishing a new budget and financial plan for your new financial situation.

Not Working Together Against the IRS

The IRS can be an enemy of both you and your spouse. Tax considerations are an area that you should seek to work together with your spouse. It will be important for you to work with tax specialists to minimize the amount of taxes that you will have to pay during or after your divorce.

Choosing the Wrong Divorce Lawyer

The choice of who to represent you is one of the most important that you will make during this process. Seek to hire an attorney who wants to understand your own unique circumstances, and who is full of compassion and knowledge. In addition, you should find an attorney who is experienced at mediating even the most complex and difficult of circumstances.

Always remember that the purpose of the divorce process is to ensure your family’s security by making sure that each person has enough to live upon after the divorce. During the process, remember to set aside your emotions and treat the divorce in a professional and business-like manner as though you were working out a business deal. Your whole family will benefit from your poise and professionalism during this difficult time.