Summer travel season is upon us and there are many more vehicles on the highways right now. Jacksonville, NC and the surrounding area is always a popular destination for tourists and travelers but even more so this time of year. Unfortunately, with more vehicles on the road, accidents increase and most drivers are unaware that everything about a collision with a semi-truck is different from an accident involving two or more personal vehicles. When you crash with another car driver, it typically involved only two insurance companies. However, semi-truck accidents are complicated because several parties could share the blame. As the injured person, few drivers have the time, energy, or resources to fight each of these parties at one time. That’s why you should get an attorney experienced in these particular types of accidents.

Assigning Fault for the Accident

One of the most challenging aspects of a collision with an 18-wheeler is determining where the fault lies. It could be with one individual or several different organizations. The following scenarios are common when a big rig collides with a passenger vehicle:

  • The driver is intoxicated, speeding, or purposely disobeying one of several traffic laws. If these actions alone caused the accident, the driver bears sole responsibility.
  • The trucking company employing the driver may require unsafe loads, force drivers on long-distance runs without allowing for an adequate amount of sleep, or knowingly hire an inexperienced person just to save money.
  • The mechanics of the big rig may be negligent in how they fixed a part or failed to repair a part while knowing it may result in an accident.
  • The manufacturing company may have installed defective parts to save money or failed to recall vehicles with known safety issues.
  • The insurance company representing the trucking company may pressure you into accepting fault before fully investigating the accident.

Always Speak to an Accident Attorney First

Unfortunately, it’s safe to assume that the insurance company representing a commercial trucking company values its own profits more than compensating you for your injuries. For this reason, we advise clients to never give a statement about the accident to anyone without consulting a personal injury lawyer first​.

If you are currently trying to deal with the aftermath of a truck accident, please call George Collins, P.A. to discuss your case for free. Mr. Collins Mr. Collins was awarded the prestigious AV Preeminent Award for high ethical standards, strong legal knowledge, and experience from Martindale-Hubble (read →). Only 8% of attorneys have received this award, so you will be in good hands. He will provide you with an honest assessment and then work closely with you to prepare a personal injury lawsuit (read →)​ against the responsible party or parties. If fault is not clear, our law firm will use our resources to investigate and determine it.

George Collins represented me in an automobile injury case. He was very caring and concerned and his representation was excellent. The best part is that he achieved a monetary settlement far greater than I expected. I recommend this lawyer very highly. Andrew Cubilete

It takes an accident attorney with first-hand knowledge of the trucking industry to ensure fair treatment. At George Collins, P.A., we are not afraid to go up against multi-million dollar trucking firms, manufacturers, and insurance carriers on behalf of our clients.

We certainly hope your summer is safe and enjoyable! If you’re driving, please be careful and drive safely.
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