Are you legally an adult?

Do you own anything (car, tv, bank accounts, house, or other possessions)?

Do you want to be the one who decides what happens with your possessions and money (what lawyers refer to as your “estate”), and your family if you die?

Then, yes. You need a will.

  1. You get to decide what happens with your property. A will serves to ensure that your possessions and money are distributed the way you want them to be, and can help avoid any family arguments and difficulties.
  2. A will is especially important if you have children, so that you can make sure they are looked after in the event of your death. You can name who you want to serve as your childrens’ guardian until they are adults.
  3. You get to choose who will handle settling all your affairs (in legal terms, your “executor”). The best person for the job may not be a family member. It may be a friend who is good at handling paperwork, and following through on things.
  4. You get to include (or exclude) whoever you want to receive a gift or bequest from your estate.
  5. Having a will shortens the time between your death and the time your wishes are carried out. All estates pass through probate court, but having a will reduces how long it takes before your estate is settled.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Having a will gives peace of mind by giving you control over your last wishes. You can (and should) change your will if your circumstances change.