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Do people really stay together for their children?

You have probably heard the cliche that some couples stay together because they have children when they would otherwise get divorced. Is this really something people do, or do they just split up and sort out the custody details in court?

It's not always an either/or proposition. In many cases, couples who eventually get divorced acknowledge that they only took as long as they did because they were trying to make that relationship last for their children.

The risks of teenage rebellion at younger ages

All teenagers seem to rebel to a certain degree. For some, the rebellions are minor: dying their hair, listening to different music than their parents, or asking to get tattoos. For others, it's more drastic: using drugs, having sex, drinking alcohol and breaking the law.

While the reasons for rebellion tend to be unique to each case, one thing that researchers point out is that many teens face outside pressure to rebel at a very young age. They say that this is happening to teens at a younger age than ever for previous generations.

Exercise can help a back injury, but you must be careful

A back injury often heals very slowly. To help it progress, you can do specific exercises and stretches meant to strengthen your back, your core and your legs. Examples include things like back extensions, sit-ups and side bends.

Rest is helpful for healing, as your doctor probably told you, but that does not mean you should be neglectful of your own physical health. The more you can do to improve your fitness, the better off you'll be. The right exercises should push your body toward full healing and help it recover more quickly and more completely.

Why do physicians get burned out?

When you go in for surgery or just for a checkup, how invested is your physician? This is something that is potentially life-changing for you. Does your doctor even care? Or does the doctor look exhausted, like they cannot wait to get home? Maybe they even look like they wish they had chosen a different career path entirely.

This can set off some alarm bells in your head. The last thing you need is a fatigued doctor who mentally checked out before you even got into the room. That type of attitude can lead to a loss of focus and simple mistakes. You could suffer serious injuries or have a medical condition go overlooked.

Should you tell your children what you are leaving them?

You know what assets you want to leave to your children, but should you tell them exactly what they're going to get when you make your estate plan? Or is that something you should leave for them to find out after you pass away?

Generally speaking, it is always best to tell the kids as far in advance as you can. There are a few positive benefits to doing this, such as:

  • They will not assume anything. Expectations can be a problem when they are not fulfilled. If your children assume you have $2 million and you really only have $200,000, you want to temper those expectations in advance.
  • You can stop them from disputing the will or fighting over the assets. For instance, maybe you have two children and just one home. You want the house to stay in the family, as it has for generations, but you plan to leave it to just one child. The other may feel shocked to find out about this, but it is better for that shock to come while you are still around. This can stop a dispute later because your heirs know it is what you really wanted.
  • You can explain your decisions. This may be necessary with unequal inheritances, for example. Your reasoning for leaving more to your son than your daughter could be that she is financially successful on her own, while your son is not. You're just trying to help the child who needs it. Explaining this helps your daughter because she does not feel like you unfairly favored your son.

School bus injuries impact thousands of kids every year

If your children get on the school bus every day, you probably spend at least a little time wondering about their safety. This is especially true if your children just reached school age and they have never done this before.

What you should know is that about 17,000 kids get hurt in school bus-related accidents every single year and that only takes into account children who wind up in the emergency room. That suggests more injuries could happen -- they just do not always end with a trip to the ER.

Living trusts can preserve assets in estate planning

Planning an estate is a difficult process for a variety of reasons. Large groups of assets acquired over an entire lifetime must be assigned to people or organizations, and the emotional issues surrounding end-of-life planning can be unexpectedly hard. Fortunately, many options exist to give estate planners peace of mind.

One way to protect large assets safely for the future is to create a living trust. North Carolina law makes it possible to assign a trustee to take care of assets in the case of the owner's death or infirmity. This continuity makes it easier to keep assets intact and keep benefits flowing to relatives, friends, children and other benefactors.

Why you shouldn't wait to tell your kids about the divorce

Many parents, trying to shield their children from the realities of an adult world, choose not to tell their kids that they are getting a divorce until they absolutely have to. Some even wait until one parent actually moves out of the house to explain what is happening.

In some regards, it can be wise to wait. You do not want to break the news before you know that it's definitely going to happen. You don't have to tell the kids that you've been talking about divorce if no one has filed the paperwork yet.

Tips for getting over post-accident anxiety

You get involved in a car accident that is not your fault. Another car waits at a two-way stop while you are traveling down the perpendicular road, which doesn't have any stop signs. You have the right of way. Thinking that it is a four-way stop, the other driver pulls out in front of you. You have no time to react as your car plows into the side of their vehicle.

You get out of it with just minor injuries -- a few bumps, bruises and scrapes. It's not a big deal. You do go to the hospital to have a doctor look you over and confirm that you do not have any serious internal injuries, but that's it.

Why do doctors leave surgical tools behind?

In some cases, a doctor who does surgery forgets one of the tools or instruments they were using, leaving it behind, inside the patient. This can have a drastic and negative impact on the patient's health. In some cases, it can lead to serious and even fatal injuries. Even in the best cases, the patient needs a second operation to remove the item.

The danger does, to some degree, depend on what object gets left behind. Examples include scalpels, scopes, clamps, sponges and surgical gloves.

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