Will My Case Go To Court?

Some people say that if you have to see the inside of a courtroom, it's already too late to win. At the law firm of George Collins, P.A., we know that many clients prefer to keep legal issues from going to trial but we are also ready to defend your interests before a judge.

Our attorneys at the law firm of George Collins, P.A., are prepared for victory in court, while focusing first on arbitration and mediation to make court cases a last resort for you. If any issue can be solved amicably between parties such as settlements on personal injury issues or mediation between businesses or business partners, our firm is dedicated to avoiding the stress and cost of a court date.

There are many alternatives to a trial involving a judge and a jury. Even complex cases may be settled out of court. In some cases, the possibility of a protracted court case can compel opponents to settle legal matters at the conference table. Our lawyers can help you in the courtroom and in negotiations beforehand, possibly avoiding the need to have a judge hear a case.

Conflict Resolution Through Mediation

Arbitration and mediation are often ways to settle legal disputes that are preferred by both parties and their attorneys. A judge or trained mediator can help guide a case through a hearing of both sides' views and ideal resolutions, and many can order a compromise if parties cannot arrive at a mutual agreement during the process.

We have experience in all phases that a legal matter may go through, from retaining counsel to a jury verdict. Part of our success is our record in court, but another part is our ability to satisfy clients and resolve conflicts without the need to appear before a judge or a jury.

Free Consultations On Court Cases And More

We offer free consultations to new and prospective clients, which can include a discussion of the likelihood of your case going to court. Call 910-346-4175 today or send us an email to schedule an appointment. We are located in Jacksonville and serve the Onslow County area and the state of North Carolina in certain matters.