Civil Law Is Different From Criminal Law

Civil lawsuits, or civil litigation, is a common way to sort out a dispute between two parties. For instance, if a person is hurt in a traffic accident or in the workplace, he or she may sue for personal injury damages through a civil lawsuit.

The most important quality of civil litigation is the intent of the case. Criminal law focuses on punishing the person or parties who committed a crime, while civil lawsuits seek compensation for the person harmed by another person's negligent or criminal actions. A criminal act is not a prerequisite for a civil action. The point is to rectify a dispute or injustice, often through monetary damages.

Anyone Can File A Civil Lawsuit

A person, organization or government agency can file a civil action against any of these three entities. Many lawsuits are filed by the person or party who experienced injury or damage such as a person paying medical bills after an injury that was someone else's fault or an organization which has not received an intended inheritance in a will.

Lawyers known as civil litigators are prepared to handle civil lawsuits for both plaintiffs who file suits and defendants who must answer them. The law firm of George Collins, P.A., employs lawyers who are ready to fight for our clients' interests in civil court.

Many Cases Do Not Need To Go To Court

Many civil litigators subscribe to a philosophy that states a trial in court is a last resort. There are several options that can come before hearings and court dates such as arbitration and mediation. Our civil attorneys believe that it is typically better to attempt to use these options first before plaintiffs and defendants must face the stress and time investments involved in a trial.

One of our firm's qualities that sets us apart in civil cases is the empathy we show for our clients, combined with our experience in nontrial forms of dispute resolution.

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