When A Mistake Becomes A Tragedy

Some injuries happen purely by accident and insurance may be available to cover them. However, when someone is hurt through a person's or organization's negligence or incompetence, a personal injury lawsuit may be the only option to make a person or their family whole.

Some examples of injuries caused by negligence include:

These injuries can put unmanageable expenses on victims such as medical bills, while at the same time preventing the victim from being able to work and earn income.

What Would The Compensation Cover?

Civil lawsuits can seek reimbursement for medical expenses, payment of future medical bills, costs of transport during recovery and compensation for income lost due to the effects of injuries. Suits may also cover financial restitution for pain and suffering or emotional distress, as well as compensation for long-term disability or disfigurement.

As well as dealing with the parties responsible, personal injury lawsuits may target insurance companies that delay or refuse to pay coverage to victims who deserve help. The attorneys at the law firm of George Collins, P.A., take an aggressive approach to these cases to fight for the full compensation our clients deserve.

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