Dedicated To Our Clients In The Hardest Times

Divorce and legal separation can create feelings of loneliness. Even when the process is amicable and both spouses agree to end the marriage, the legal processes can leave people emotionally drained and mentally confused. The lawyers at the law firm of George Collins, P.A., are dedicated to representing divorcing spouses' interests, as well as providing the compassion it takes to guide our clients through the process with respect and dignity.

Defending Your Parental Rights And Assets

The two major areas of concern for most spouses are the division of marital property and the custody of any children.

Marital property is defined as any income or assets gained by the spouses during the marriage. It is often possible to sort out the division of these assets through mediation. Our firm can aid the division of property through divorce mediation or in court if necessary.

Child custody is a sensitive but important topic for parents going through a divorce. North Carolina allows parents to create their own custody agreement by discussing the terms and having a judge approve the agreement. We can help facilitate this process. We also have experience fighting for custody in court if an amicable agreement becomes impossible.

You May Be Eligible For Alimony

Divorce can lead to financial stress and we believe that no one should suffer long periods of financial recovery due to the end of a marriage. Alimony, or support paid by one former spouse to the other, can help people transition to financial health and the ability to support themselves.

Alimony is generally awarded if one spouse will be at a significant financial disadvantage after a divorce, either due to differences in income level or differences in ability to find employment such as stay-at-home parents who have not been in the job market for years. We can help people maintain their standards of living by seeking any alimony they may deserve.

Our Attorneys Make Divorce Easier And More Secure

Spouses should never have to go through the process of divorce alone. You deserve a family law attorney who will know how to fight for your rights. Please contact us online or call 910-346-4175 for a free consultation. From our office in Jacksonville, we serve clients in Onslow County.