You Have The Right To Choose Who Your Estate Benefits

When a person is planning for the end of his or her life, it is common to think on past success, the rewards attained during a lifetime and how to share that success with friends and family. George Collins, P.A., has a solid background in accounting that can help estate planners avoid unnecessary losses and ensure that assets, property and other gifts go to the people designated to receive them.

Estate planning is a useful tool that creates certainty around the value of a person's estate — a combination of their legal rights, interests, entitlements, property and finances — and its administration during probate. Probate is the legal process that proves a person's intent, usually expressed in a will, and executes that person's wishes for the estate. Our attorneys can help clients and their families create assurances around these wishes and represent your interests in probate court.

We Will Help You Choose The Best Options

The people and organizations who receive bequests from a person's estate are known as beneficiaries. This often includes family members, including those below the age of consent. Trusts and other legal administration tools are also excellent means to passing along an asset's value. Our estate planning lawyers can guide you through your options.

Large estates may be subject to tax liability, which can drain assets from the people who should receive them. Our experience with advising clients on gifts during life, deductible donations and other ways of avoiding undue tax burdens can help you make sure your family, friends and chosen organizations receive the value that you intend.

We Provide Peace Of Mind For Your Business Legacy

After you have built a business and devoted your life's energy to it, it is important to you that ownership and rights to operate the business go to the people you want to designate. We can ensure that wills and business documents reflect your desires for who owns and runs the business after your death.

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