We Simplify The Legal Side Of Owning A Business

Articles of incorporation, breach of contract, dissolution — business law can be defined by a number of terms that can confuse business owners, partners and founders. Attorney George Collins brings his significant experience with accounting to bear on business law to help our clients fully understand their options in filings, cases and suits.

Starting or running a business can be a daunting task at times: investors, employee requirements, vendor relations and property management all require your attention, often before income streams are ready to sustain it. If you need to understand these issues and the documents that arrange them, our law firm is the right one for you.

How Does A Lawyer Help Your Business?

The term "business law" refers to all bodies of federal regulations, North Carolina state law and any county or municipal codes that affect the formation and operation of a business. It may also deal with the formation and organization of businesses and their finances. "Commercial law" refers to sales, transactions and other issues related to goods, services and income. Corporate law deals with the formation and organization of businesses and their finances. We assist with all aspects of a business' legal needs.

Some business disputes involve the determination of who can make decisions about how a business is founded, run or sold. Other disputes arise due to misunderstandings between partners or breaches of contract. Our attorneys have a breadth of experience in interpreting and executing the articles of incorporation that solidify these arrangements.

Our lawyers can utilize mediation or arbitration to resolve a dispute. If this strategy does not work, we are prepared to initiate business litigation to defend our clients' rights to control and profit from their businesses or partnerships.

Your Case Is Always The Most Important For Our Lawyers

No business or contract is too small to make a difference for its owners, employees and industry. This is the philosophy that our law firm brings to our business clients. Email us today or call 910-346-4175 for a free consultation. From Jacksonville, we serve small businesses all around Onslow County and North Carolina.